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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don't throw away your old shoes! Painted shoes - a new trend for fashion addicts

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The new handmade trade these days are hand painted shoes. While some people enjoy the look of clean-cut shoes others might be more interested in acquiring something with more personality. Paint can actually create a visually appealing design, incorporating a variety of colors and shapes to create an original pair of shoes.

The most frequent hand painted shoes that you can find online are sneakers. But beware! You have to have a great sense of humor if you want wear them :) : "It all starts with a good shoe" - says Rhonda Savage on her about shop page. I would ad: Here is definitely a good painted shoe.


You can find more painted sheakers here:

Imagination has no boundaries for these painted shoes artists. Take a look at your feet and see what are they doing in your sneakers : A Meng Meng Zahn funny design.

See the designers shop here:

New York City is literally at your feet thanks to The Sneak Freak's shoes. A talented young artist from USA, Keara Brady painted these unique sneakers.

You can find more of Keara's shoes here:

The shoe painted market has pieces for all tastes. Ladies are therefore not left out from this trend. Liudmila Rosario Ponko thought of everything when she painted high heels shoes. They don't have a comic design as the sneaker do. The artist rather preferred the patterns.

 See more Ponko shoes here:

You don't need an umbrella for these Lollytout shoes. They have one of their own. And the sense of humor is not left behind. Full of personality shoes I might say.

 You can find more of Lollytout shoes here:

Messages are not left out from the fashion trend. And if you are a religious person you might want to think of buying a Paper Hearts Apparel shoe. Look at your feet while taking a walk in the park or on the beach and remember to….LOVE.

You can find more painted shoes here:

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