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Friday, October 18, 2013

'Pintura Ocular' – a new way to spread your talent on canvas through your tears

Every once in awhile a painter is born to innovate art. He comes with a new version of expression his feelings, his experiences. If some do that through sensitive images, others bring sensitivity through techniques. 

Leandro Granato is an Argentinian artist, who invented a new way of expression his calls - 'Pintura Ocular' - or 'Eye Painting'. The artist creates abstract paintings by snorting a watercolor mixture up his nose, and pushing it through a connection near his eye. Several times called crazy ,he asserts: “The crazy roads open after the wise men will travel”. Innovative, precursor transgressor, outgoing, creative, bold and crazy, Leandro aims to create something that characterizes the art world, so he began to develop a new form of expression. Leandro Granato got his name in the Ripley` s book of England, which gives a diploma and artistic license as the first artist to perform this technique.

How did you start this painting technique and who taught you?
After the sudden death of my grandfather due to cancer, I had to stay in charge of his company at only 19 years old. It was a lot of pressure for me because I was in charge of a lot of people, and without my grandfather, who had always been my inspiration. Thanks to that I started painting in the traditional way as a therapy, and with that I got started in the world of art. I learnt some things from my aunt, who
is also an artist, but I invented the technique of Eye Painting, so I learnt it from myself, and each day is like exploring a new world.


Is your technique painful?
It is not painful and it does not mean any harm for my health. If I felt any pain or I knew it would hurt me I would stop painting. I love art and my technique, but my health is first.

Which is your favorite painting?
My favorite painting is 'Conflicto', it's size is 80x40cm and it's the one that has black borders.

Do you also paint in the usual technique, with your hands?
Yes, I also paint with a brush and an airbrush. I also paint with other techniques such as oil painting, but it's always more exciting to paint with my tears.

 How do people get in touch with you?
They can contact me via my web, my twitter @leandrogranato or my Facebook account Leandro Granato.

 Where do you sell?
I sell my paintings in art galleries here in Argentina, or to the rest of the world via my website, where you can contact my art dealer.
Are you participating in or managing any projects you would like to talk about?
I am currently hearing offers from different galleries to show my work in the USA and Europe.

Leandro is not only sensitive in art. He also does charity. “As a personal project I am organizing an exposition to donate money to a Child hospital that deals with cancer.”

"I have a dream." What's your dream? Tell me!
My dream is starting to be a reality: I want my art to be respected as any other way of art, recognized around the world.

Nobody can say Leandro is a fraud.  Every time I sell a painting the new owner gets a DVD with the recording of the making of the painting and an authenticity certificate”