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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Candy Foxx - The Jewels that come from dreams

Trying to be unique and to stand out can be a tricky thing. Especially fi there are so many beautiful items to choose from. You can see jewels at any"corner" on the internet. But which to choose?

Candy Foxx is a chic online shop with beautiful items and very well done photos. Algina, the owner makes variate models that you can choose from. Plus, all the jewels are handmade by her. I've talked to Algina and she told me how she gets the ideas to make such unique jewels and how she started having her own business.

Who is the person behind Candy Foxx?
Behind Candy Fox you will find 25 years old lithuanian (but deep in the heart ukrainian) girl, who looks younger than she is, and smarter than she looks. Lots of my friends say that I'm a strange person and sometimes I believe what they say.

Where did you get the idea for your business and when did you get started?
I started to create since I was a child. I was creating everywhere and from everything. I had such a big imagination (I was making houses from mashed potatoes while I was eating, drawing on the walls under the carpet and painting all the time). My passion to create jewelry came when I was a teenager with strange taste of fashion, I was creating jewelry for myself. And I was creating it for myself and working since my life changed a half year ago for 360 degrees. I had a difficult spinal surgery with strong rehab and huge amount of limitations but I wanted/needed to do something, so I re-opened my CandyFoxx store on Etsy.

How did you come up with your brand name?
I have two wonderful and strange pets- supersweet and superfriendly dog Chiquita and cat Tyku, which is extremely aggressive and furious. So I decided, why couldn't I have another strange and imaginary animal- fox? Candy Fox. So this is how the story began.

What does it take to make one jewel?
I'm the owl, all ideas are coming in the night while I'm lying in the bed (I have insomnia so it's the perfect time to think about or see future jewelry in my head) and in the morning I try to remember what I saw. I don't like to use only one technique, I love to create from different materials this is the reason why is my Etsy shop has so many different jewelry (but most of them have similar style of photography).

The process begins with the jewelry furniture shop where I'm going with my supersweet dog. I always buy more than I need (you know, some girls are buying clothes, some of them are buying beads, ropes, acrylics and other things, I'm this type of woman...). Then I'm starting to make jewelry with loud music, cat on the table and a huge cup of tea or homemade latte. At first I'm making bases and beads for jewelry (usually it is polymer clay or plastic) and then starting to use my imagination. Very simple recipe of jewelry making! Use your imagination! And then make some good photos!

Which one is your best seller?
My best seller are simple black stud earrings with gold acrylic circle in the middle and "The little prince" earrings. And if you are talking about the person, then few years ago I fell in love with Dori Csengeri. She is still my "jewelry Diva"!

How do people get in touch with you?
I sell my jewelry on Etsy. I don't know how they find me, maybe I use right SEO for my items? I always communicate with my clients as with my friends, other way would be difficult for me, I'm too openhearted for everyone...

Do you run your business full-time?
Yes. I opened my Etsy shop on July of 2013, but began to grow it in my head at the end of October, while I was in the hospital for one and the half month. I made right keywords, new descriptions and titles. Now it is my full-time job because I'm really limited but I believe soon it will be the real full-time job I just needed some time to realize many things.

Are you participating or managing any other project you would like to talk about?
I'm thinking about opening one more shop. Before my rehab I bought a huge amount of acrylics, brushes and canvas but right now I lost my muse. Right now I'm waiting for the right moment in my life.

I see a lot of people starting their business online. What do you think makes you stand out from the crowd?
Enthusiasm. I try to see positive things in everything I do. Sometimes it is quite difficult but I have people around who believe in me. It helps a lot!

For more jewles visit Candy Foxx on Etsy.