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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love and joy from OOAKjewelz

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Jewelries are basic means to dress up your image. Not wearing them is like eating a meal without salt. And if we have to wear jewels, we might as wear some colorful and joy one-of-a-kind handmade pieces.

Fresh and innovative. Bold and colorful. Happy and joy. All these words come into my mind while looking at the OOAKjewelz. All the pieces look like they are part of this cosmic peace and love vibe.

OOAKjewelz is a young and edgy Dutch jewelry brand and offers a wide range of unique, handmade, jewelry pieces.

The bridal line flirts with times past by, as vintage treasures are matched with modern, high quality pieces, like genuine Swarovski crystallized elements, all carefully picked with a great eye for colors and shapes. The bridal cuffs, all unique and highly detailed, are a favorite amongst brides from all over the world and can also be custom made to your wishes.

The bohemian line captures pieces for the modern hippies amongst us, using materials like friendship bracelets, leather, antique metals, studs and colorful beads from all around the world.
Most pieces are limited edition, with the utmost attention to details.

For more information about custom OOAKjewelz:

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