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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

GatoJewel - Experimental jewelry for independent people from Ukraine - Interviw with Yulia Gato

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  Finding new and fresh jewels may be a challenge nowadays. The sea in this market is wide and deep. Only in one handmade site there are over 1 million jewel online shops, some with ordinary items, some with unique. Even so, the challenge for a designer to bring to the public something fresh and inovative is huge. The presure may to some, to others it’s a reason to be artistic. It is said that an artist shows his talent better when he has few oportunities than a million. And that is because only then he uses his talent at its best.

 Wanting to cross the mass jewelry trends with the same old diamond ring and the usual necklesses, Yulia Gato and her huseband, Slava brought to the public a rather steam-punk trend. They opened the door to a room in which you can see that the metal can become something else, something from another world, a fiction story.  The high quality of the materials and the impeccable and meticulous finishing, transform a piece into a work of art.
But how did this business start? I found out from Yulia herself. 
Who is the person behind GatoJewel? 
 The name GatoJewel was created by two people - me, Yulia, and my husband Slava, we are married and together in love already 9 years.

 Where did you get the idea for your business and when did you get started? 
 My business idea was born out of my daily work - I'm tired of doing glamor jewelry, I wanted to do something different, the honest and real.  And as result we open in April 2013 our online-shop.

 When have you started making jewels? Or when did you realize you have a talent? 
 I am a hereditary jeweler and my first ring I made when I was 12 years old - under the guidance of my father, but I seriously started making jewellery when I was 18 years - and now, I already have 22 years in this branch.

 What goes into making a jewel?
 Most of the time it takes to search and ponder ideas, I almost do not draw sketches (well, unless it is very necessary to the customer).   
The beginning - a piece of wax
I do not use 3D and other hi-tech stuff – only classic handmade jewelry technique. The model comes from my imagination. I start cutting into the wax, then the wax models the metal.

The last step - Casting all in silver
 Then comes the finishing of the metal product - polishing, stone setting, oxidation, and everything else that is intended. On average, the production of one ring may takes to 7 working days, not counting the time to find and purchase materials -  if I need something special.

 Where do you get your inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from everywhere, it usually comes suddenly and unexpectedly!
Do you also make custom jewels? 
Yes, sometimes. Even jewelers are sometimes very hungry :)) But I strongly prefer to work with clients who trust me and my taste - and of course for every client I come up with something special and unique. 
How do people get in touch with you? Where do you sell? Do you have a site or blog? 
I am open to discussion :))  I am selling on Etsy
and some others. Also my husband makes for me a little portfolio ( there you can see also my old works

Do you run your business full-time? How do you like being self-employed? 
Jewelry takes all my working time, and sometimes even the rest too : ) I have always worked as free lance , even when working with different companies – I manage my time as I want and can not imagine any other option.

Gato Jewelry's most desirable rings
Do you have some tips for other small business owners, creatives and people who like to become their own boss? 
Do not be afraid. Start practice your favorite activity as a hobby in your spare time, and if you feel that it can grow in a business and provide you with money, too - leave your boss and become your own boss.   

"I have a dream." What's your dream? Tell me! 
The dream of course is global and naive, as befits a real dream  - that people become kind-hearted and honest, not only to themselves but also to other people and animals. And to finally realize that they live in the only world, in which will live their children and descendants and have ceased to destroy this
What are your thoughts about the handmade trends that are rather new and growing? 
Manual work is always in demand - especially in an era of conveyer production and global advertising - because there are always people who do not want to be like the others and have their own style and taste. A jewelry industry - it is still a mass production that does not do what is beautiful and unique, but the fact that may be easily made and make many-many sell. Well of course a jewelry giant makes unique jewelry - but their prices are unavailable to ordinary people. Make unique individual products for those who can appreciate this kind of work and with procurable prices - that's the fate of single masters.  
Thanks to Yulia from Kiev, Ukraine for this lovely interview. She also has an Ezebee shop. To see more of here art work, check out

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