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Monday, December 9, 2013

Fairytale story in a picture

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“Creating different moods through the use of color, light and texture is the best form of expression I've ever found. A little piece of my heart and soul is in each image I create” – Carolyn Cochrane

                Carolyn Cochrane is a new Jersey self-taught photographer with a passion for creating images inspired by nature, color and the beach. She has the eye of a storyteller that brings to you the art of photography. The colors and the shapes seem to be part of a fairy tale that lets you imagine the end of it. While staring at her pictures I tend to put myself as a character in these stories and wants me to go to those places she photographed.

Carolyn  offers Christmas Photography - Holiday Prints - Beach & ocean photography, colorful flower photography, nature photography, bird on wire prints and ready-to-hang canvas gallery wraps inspired by my love of nature, color and the beach.

See more of Carolyn’s photos here:

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