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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unique handbags from Noa's Collection

Most women buy fashion items just because they are beautiful. But if you get quality, too, you will be twice as happy. Noa’s Collection brings you great quality leather handbags and beautiful items. The colors are vibrant and fun. The purses are a mix of Argentinian leather and Italian drawings. We put all this together and we have fashionable genuine leather handbags. I talked to Noa to find out how did she came up with these beautiful items.
Growing up in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina – Noa was charmed since a young age with her family’s passion for hand crafted leather designs. Now an adult, Noa embarks on a journey around to World to share that passion with you.

Noa’s Leather Collection brings to you unique designs featuring authentic World famous Argentinean leather, hand crafted locally with pride.
Noa’s family uses unrivaled techniques passed from generation to generation to hand craft your hand bags, wallets and accessories with great attention to details and style. Each becomes an individual work of art bringing to you a view into our lives, traditions and cultures: full of colors, joy, life and charms.

The cattle are naturally fed in the majestic open spaces of Argentina leading to the highest quality raw material with a distinct texture and scent. Noa's family  doesn't own cattle, but they buy leather from what in Argentina call Talabarterias.
"We choose soft and light color leathers for the prints to come out bright. Our leathers are very durable but light weighted.

A lot of people may not be aware that leather is a residual material that if we wouldn't use, it would go to waste, since the world consumes meat whether we like it or not.
Another hidden secret that modern life stylist may not know is, that a leather purse will last you a lifetime; unlike other purses made of synthetic leather or other non-natural materials may tear apart after a year and you need to replace it creating more trash and more waste. Noa's Collection is all about minimizing waste and preserving our planet." - Noa

Are the handbags printed or hand painted?
Having my family and grandparents come from Europe to Argentina escaping World War II they brought with them a ton of experience. My grandfather was a shoemaker, my father refined the work creating beautiful and unique design purses and companions. 
The leather goes through a process of printing before the hide is cut and the pieces are made. Since it is printed and not painted on the leather our customers enjoy the pattern and colors for years to come. The leather wears and becomes richer as we use the pieces but the colors remain the same. The colors do not chip, come off, smear or dry out. The coating that is used is very thin, like an onionskin, protecting the colors and the suppleness of the leather. These pieces do not need any treatment of any kind. Believe it or not you can wipe away small drops of water without creating marks or dark spots on the leather. It is a great product and because of the process it goes through the pieces became one of a kind; each piece is accented with flowers and many beautiful of colors.

Another unique highlight about our pieces, they are incredibly light. We have all had a leather purse that was from soft and rich leather but, was heavy and wore out our shoulders before adding any of our personal items. Well, Noa's Collection came to rectify that concept about the well-made high quality leather purse.
Our signature design pattern includes Dahlias, Forget me Nots, Morning Glories, Carnations, Hibiscus and many more beautiful flowers. From time to time we have limited edition pattern, such as our Victorian Flower, that is a pattern made only of roses and our Vintage Map, which is available in two colors, bone and caramel color. These maps were used in the past in Europe showing places from all around the globe. 

What type of items does the collection include?
Handcrafted and one of a kind handbags, wallets and accessories. All our pieces have the benefit of being long lasting, versatile, and durable, and compliment every color, from black and white to blues to reds to yellow and every color in between. Our products instantly dress up a simple outfit and are practical and lightweight to wear every day
Which one is your best seller?
Our bestselling items are our 3 zippered adjustable strap cross bodies. They have been our best seller since 2009 when Noa's Collection was first launch in Maui, Hawaii.

How do people get in touch with you? Where do you sell, online and offline?
You can find us on line at our official website, at our Etsy store: and now on Amazon.
Offline you can find us at selected boutiques around the US. Please visit:
Offline you can find us in the Little Italy Mercato in San Diego, California (best market of South California) where I myself receive and welcome our visitors and customers; and also in our many locations. Please visit:
Are you participating or managing any other project you would like to talk about?
We are preparing to launch our new website by the end of 2014.

Our mission is all about spreading the beauty of nature and its colors. Bringing that second of happiness and joy to women's everyday life. One of the things that I enjoy most while being the owner of Noa's Collection are the stories of our customers.
What I enjoy most of being part of Noa's Collection are the stories of our customers and meeting them.
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but we can assure you that purses are a woman best friends.
My customers send me emails from far and away sharing their stories. We have a customer that would wear her Noa's purse on a snowy day in Alberta Canada. Another customer who said they had enjoyed Europe with Noa's cross body it was so practical for traveling. Another customer said she purchased her purse in Hawaii while on her honeymoon and every time she wears it, she is brought back to that happy and relaxing moment. [visit our Testimonials section:]

Owning a Noa's pieces is more than carrying a purse is a statement of who you are. All our customers are women that don't care about labels and brands. They care of authenticity and have that special item that they'll know its personal to them because no one else can have it. They are women who value Life for its uniqueness and enjoy every moment, women that appreciate color and understand the beauty of colors and Nature, such abstract concepts but yet so powerful and driven of happiness and joy in our lives. Not by chance all our customers are beautiful women, lovely ladies, fresh personalities, kind, genuine, beautiful souls, free spirited .. it is because this is who we are..
I would like to thank to all of the women, husbands, owners of boutiques, blog writers, Facebook visitors who continually support our work and our mission in life.

If you want to stay in touch with Noa and to see more of her handbags visit her Facebook page

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