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Saturday, July 13, 2013

New kind of art: Leaf Carving Art

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Have you heard of it?
          I have recently discovered a new type of art, through forums, the handmade market for talented people and unique customers.
          The leaf carving artists find their inspiration in nature and they try to unite both nature with the human kind. 

How does it work?
           The origins of vegetable carving are disputed: many people believe it to have begun in Sukothai, Thailand 700 years ago, while others believe that vegetable carving originated in the time of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906) and the Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279) in China.  However, the most popular theory of the history of vegetable carving is that it originates in Thailand. It started during the Loi Kratong festival in the 14th century. During Loi Kratong, rafts are individually decorated using many objects, including banana leaves and flowers.
            Selective leaves are carefully chosen from the Chinar tree which is native to India, Pakistan and China. Chinar tree leaves closely resemblance the leaf of a Maple tree.  The size of these leaves vary since no two leaves are exactly the same. Each leaf is approximately 8 to 10 inches in size. Once gathered, leaves are then put through a 60 step process such as shaving, pressing, curing, dying and so on. The outer surface of the leaf is carefully removed without cutting or removing the leafs veins which add detail into the subject matter of the carving.
After special processing, the leaf blade forms a natural permanent pigment, so the color is stable, and corrosion resistance.  
An anti-aging treatment helps the leaves exceed the durability of thick paper. The finish product is strong, durable, natural and beautiful. 

Using the leaf as a canvas, skilled artist take full advantage of the leafs form and structure to create an artistic carving. 

Leaf art makes an excellent gift or collection
Some artists can even make your portrait in leaves. All you have to do is to send them a picture with you or your love ones.
On I found a very talented art craving artist. The pictures I've posted belong to leon. Here you can find Leon’s shop

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