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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ezebee – the best site to sell your handmade

4:21 AM By C.D. , No comments

                I’ve recently opened a hand painted T-shirts shop and like any other beginner didn’t know where to start so I could get noticed by customers. I didn’t even know how many talented homemade sellers there are in the world. Indeed many. And I am glad the there is a multitude of such unique products and so very talented people in the world. Makes you think you are not the only “crazy” one. :)
The first step I took was to make a Facebook page. But that won’t get people notice you very soon. So, I’ve opened a shop on It is a very opened market, unlike others, that put on the front page only some products, based on what, I do not know. Here anyone can see you, because no one is mode better than the other. So everyone can sell in an equal way. I also found a great community in which I got many great advices about how to improve my work, from my products to how to make the best photos. Here you can always find a shoulder to cry on and a friend to help. Unlike other handmade shop sites that you only get involved with other sellers like you, here an admin is right behind the corner waiting to help you.
                Besides all of these, the site is very easy to handle and every tool is by your hand. And the best thing of is free.

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