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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Glass shaped in imagination becomes reality

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I’ve recently found an everyday material used in a sophisticated way that gives it unusual, but beautiful shapes. I’m talking about the glass.
Usual is not the word for David Patchen’s glass collections. David is an American glass artist and designer who uses the Italian techniques of cane and murrine in an American style. He begins creating a meticulous plan and design of colors and patterns. After he pulls the cane and murrine, he carefully composes these elements to design the final work, all days prior to blowing it.

„My current work is an intensive exploration of patterns, colors and transparency created through multi-layered cane and murrine (colored rods and patterned cross-sections of glass). While varied in composition and design, I most often create work within a series of graceful forms that I consider three dimensional canvases” – David Patchen

David has 7 different collections: Bloom, Foglio, Resistenza, Parabola, Sphere, Piscine and Allegro. Each collection presents glass in different shapes and with armonious mix of colors.

„The diversity in my compositions reflects my desire to constantly experiment and explore a variety of ideas simultaneously. Some themes in my work include windows into or through a piece, things hidden & revealed and extreme detail. Colors in contrasting and/or complimentary tertiary tones woven into complex patterns challenge expectations of the amount of detail glass can carry and its place in the art world. My influences include textiles, ethnically distinct colors and shapes as well as the marine environment” – David Patchen

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