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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mobile addicts have their own sidewalk in China

These distracted texters have been blamed for everything from inconveniencing others with their slow pace to causing accidents. In order to fix that, the chinese authorities came with a revolutionary idea. The city of Chongqing in China has reportedly set up the country's first sidewalk for 'mobile phone addicts', with a lane specifically dedicated to those glued to their screens.

Much like bicycle lanes, the street has images of mobile phones spray-painted on the sidewalk, with arrows showing people which direction to walk in as they use their mobiles.

Despite the city's good intentions, the mobile phone-only sidewalk has generated criticism and ridicule with some saying that the design only encourages bad habits and will likely cause more accidents.

China already has an estimated 300 internet addiction centres, according to a report on state broadcaster CCTV's website in February. It also cited a survey showing there may be more than 24 million young Chinese addicted to the internet.

Chongqing isn't the first to create a "no cellphones" express sidewalk. Washington, D.C. unveiled one earlier this summer, but as a stunt by the National Geographic.

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