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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Old books and vinils turned into pieces of art

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Audrey Ruby is a great artist that turns old books and vinils into unique pieces of art and sell them on RetroGrandma Etsy shop.
I talked to her and she told me how she does it:

Handmade objects always have a story. They have a real character and charm over mass-produced items.

I've been crafting for years and loved every minute of it - it's my relaxation time. Some of the crafting I've done in the past involves sewing, ceramics, crocheting, knitting, plastic canvas.....and now I love to make unique items out of books and records:  book purses, IPhone docking stations, hollow book shelves, invisible bookshelves, book lamps, record clocks, book tablet device covers, record handbags, record bowls and containers, and record bookends. 

My favorite are the book purses.  I have made a large number of them over the years and never got tired of making them, as each one is unique.  How cool is it to walk down the street with one of these and see heads turn in amazement! 

I love searching for treasures at garage sales and thrift stores and this is where I pick up all my gently used records and books.

All of my unique items will spark conversation!  I’ve been creating these items for 8 years now and have had an Etsy store to share my creations since then.  I’ve done many custom orders for customers as they send me their special books to create one of my items for them – mainly book purses.   

My shop name tells you I'm a Grandma and I also love retro. I have a vintage shop also on Etsy: - which is a Blast From the Past!

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