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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

8 Weird Car Designs

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Beautiful or not so pretty, but interesting. made a top weird car designs that make you stare like you do to an accident. See here if you like them or not.

weird car design Hondo PuyoThis is the Honda Puyo, a concept car which runs on hydrogen fuel.  The Puyo boasts "no sharp edges" and is covered in soft silicone so that it can absorb light collisions. You use a joystick instead of a steering wheel. 

weird car design Mercedes-Benz Count Trossi SSKNicknamed after the "aristocratic" Italian race-car driver Count Carlo Felice Trossi, here's the Mercedes-Benz "Count Trossi" SSK.

weird car design GMC PAD
The Diesel-Electric hybrid GMC PAD. Not exactly a car but an entire home, really. Its fuel and water supplies last for weeks or even months. Its photo-voltaic cells collect sun rays during the day as the energy source. 

weird car design Peugeot Honey-B

Peugeot Honey-B, like bees, it is aerodynamic and it is an SUV powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Boasts seats with techno-cool hydraulic arms that help various preset adjustments - meaning they retract automatically to your preferred position once you're seated!

weird car design Nissan Moon Buggy
Created by Robert Hoffman and designed for an auto magazine, this Nissan Moon Buggy vehicle is the direct inspiration from the Lunar Modules. The oversize rear wheels are supposed to provide more efficiency in maneuverability. Not only that, when it reaches high speeds, Ailerons are deployed for increased aerodynamics, Ailerons are commonly found on fixed-wing aircraft!

weird car design Bombardier Embrio
The Bombardier Embrio is a powered hydrogen fuel cells, with infrared night vision and an active suspension that adjusts to road conditions, thanks to a computerized network of sensors and gyroscopes. To drive it, there's an accelerator trigger on the left handlebar, to stop it, simply use a brake trigger on the right handlebar. The Embrio is made of lightweight materials like aluminum, magnesium and nylon - weighing only 360 pounds!

weird car design Nissan Pivo 2
Nissan Pivo 2 is powered by advanced Compact Lithium-ion Batteries and featuring a unique rotating cabin, which means no reverse gear required. Each of the four wheels are powered by electric motors and can turn through 90 degrees to allow Pivo 2 to drive sideways as well as forward. 

weird car design Peugeot Moovie
Peugeot Moovie isdesigned by Portuguese designer, AndrĂ© Costa. The rear wheels are actually part of the doors, and have multiple functions: allowing access to the cabin and also reducing energy consumption because of its such huge set of tires.

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