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2015 S/S Fashion Trends

Next spring it will be all about color, or not. The burst of colors mixed with interesting textures and simple lines. Or you can wear black and white outfits. 




 Fiber optic dress changes color on a whim

London-based designer Amy Rainbow Winters showed in a FashionWare area at the Consumer Electronics Show the dress that changes its colors. The item is made of fabric with fiber optics woven in and sensors in the sleeves.


100 years of fashion in 10 seconds

British Mall presents 100 years of East London Fashion in 100 seconds. The Viral Factory produced this short film celebrating 100 years of fashion in East London in 100 seconds.

Futurotextiles – clothes from the future

A sweater that checks your mood, lace made of strawberry roots or a dress that uses wood as textiles: the third edition of the Futurotextiles exhibition presents the intriguing alliance of textile innovation, high fashion and art.

Bold African style prints for women - De-Mes’Tiks by Reuben Reuel 

At the end of an exhausting day I came across De-Mes’Tiks by Reyben Reuel. The designer seems to have a bold point of view in women’s fashion. The prints are daring and have great bright colors.

The artist behind the hand painted portrait T-shirts – Elena Di Natale

“I started my project for a Creative Festival in Florence in October 2010. I participated to a creativity market where I presented and sold for the first time my hand painted T-shirt. I got so many nice compliments and requests from family, friends and people, that I started to make some for other people”. 

Art to wear….on a T-shirt

They stare at you with indifference as if you don’t even exist. The characters have their own personality. You just can’t take your eyes off of them. All black on white, with a little bit of red to stand out from the crowd. Simple and yet complicated drawings. Hip. Modern. Sensual. That is how I would describe the “Art to Ware” T-shirts drawings. 

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