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Unique handbags from Noa's Collection 

Noa’s Collection brings you great quality leather handbags and beautiful items. The colors ar vibrant and fun. The purses are a mix of Argentinian leather and Italian drawings.



Francoise Nielly – The art in all its color

Emotion, burst of colors, inspiration. Francoise Nielly plays with colours as in making a puzzle of vibrant closeup portraits. The French artist uses knives to paint her artwork as she seems to prefer the thick, clean brushstrokes created by them. Painting portraits is her speciality, although at the begining of her career she used to paint a whole body.

Passion, dedication and love – Gurrado Home Design 

Simple, light and clean worked. This is how I would describe the Gurrado furniture and home décor. The products are carefuly made with attention to detail from high quality materials. The goal of the manufacturers are to make furniture that would defide time. Attention to detail and careful selection of timber and veneers are the essential ingredients for all Gurrado furniture and home décor.


Darabil – old school techniques for new fashion accessories

Darabil is all about milinary, fascinators and beautiful hats for women. The mission of Darabil is to maintain alive the old techniques these item were made of, using them to create contemporary objects.  The person behind this interesting craft is Amaia, a basque creator based in Barcelona.

 One-of-a-kind Gems plus Leather

Anna Master brings you great designed jewels made out of leather and gems. The artist seems to be inspired by the ancient designs. See how she made a business through her hobby and passion for jewels.


Kobi Levi Soes - From Imagination to Reality

Creative and innovative shoe styles, ingenious ideas picked from the every-day life changed with a lot of hard work into wearable shoes. The models are unique, fun and meticulously created to be worn by women who want to stand out from the crowd.

A Meticulously Chaotic Approach to Art - Jamie D'Errico

Art helps us to better understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us.  It is a language we can use to contemplate and communicate when words fall short. Emerging Maine artist, Jaime Marie D'Errico, explores a reality of dreams and emotions with raw, vibratory compositions. 


Ispirational Quotes Through Collages


The mix of philosophy and art, of dada movement and Marc Chagall’s style are all brought together in only one shop. Lady Art Talk is the magic of inspirational art that reminds you of who you are, it reminds you to live life, to love and to be free.  



A peak inside the universe

Who would’ve known that physics and art have someting in common? „A galaxy is both beautiful and fun to look at but it is also on average 100,000 light years across. Meaning? It would take you 100,000 years to cross from one end to the other if you could travel at the speed of light” (Rana Levy).



 Great mosaics from Florida

Memories of Mosaics is an online shop that brings mosaics to another level, the piece that took my attention is the great colorfull guitar covered entirely with tiles. The owner of the shop is Christine Burgess. The artist has been working in mosaics for over 10 years now, mostly doing keepsake mirrors and home decor items.



Fun and joy – clothes with personality from Mandalina Rossa

„My customers are the ones who like to get dressed colorful and stand out in crowd.They still keep the inner child alive” - Nazlı Çetiner. Nazlı Çetiner is the person behind Mandalina Rossa. The business idea came up to Nazlı when she was studying fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology.

 The future is closer than we thought - Amy Winter interview

Dresses that change color become reality. The imagination of one designer changes the world of fashion forever. London-based designer Amy Winters made revolutionary items of fashion, from the Rainforest dress, to the Thunderstorm. Amy ‘Rainbow’ Winters is a textile and fashion designer working with interactive materials and excited by their use in performance and entertainment. 

Simple Story, big ideas - Interview Farm to Front Porch

“I am a wife, christian, momma to Rufus the Siberian husky, travel enthusiast, event director by day and craft junkie by night” – This beeng said I present you Domique, the owner of Farm to Front Porch. - great place to sell your artwork 

One of the most helpful site for a starter artist is The site offers small designers a free place to sell, a community and a lot of advices on how to grow their business. And the most important offers visibility in the big ocean of the handmade trend.

The artist behind the hand painted portrait T-shirts – Elena Di Natale

“I started my project for a Creative Festival in Florence in October 2010. I participated to a creativity market where I presented and sold for the first time my hand painted T-shirt. I got so many nice compliments and requests from family, friends and people, that I started to make some for other people”. 

Funky style shoes for happy people - Interviw with Rhonda Savage from Seriously Savage Online Store 

„If you can imagine it, I can paint it!” – Rhonda Savage
Indeed Rhonda is one of the most talented painters I’ve ever seen. What she puts her mind to, she spreads it with paint on any surface. The painted shoes are the most famous products she has. The images make me smile every time I look at them, even if I am sad. Perhaps, Rhonda’s positive attitude is extended in her paintings and from there, they end up touching the viewers heart.  I talked to Rhonda about her life, her online shop and where does she find her inspiration. 

GatoJewel - Experimental jewelry for independent people from Ukraine - Interviw with Yulia Gato 

Finding new and fresh jewels may be a challenge nowadays. The sea in this market is wide and deep. Only in one handmade site there are over 1 million jewel online shops, some with ordinary items, some with unique. Even so, the challenge for a designer to bring to the public something fresh and inovative is huge. The presure may to some, to others it’s a reason to be artistic. It is said that an artist shows his talent better when he has few oportunities than a million. And that is because only then he uses his talent at its best.

'Pintura Ocular' – a new way to spread your talent on canvas through your tears

Leandro Granato is an Argentinian artist, who invented a new way of expression his calls - 'Pintura Ocular' - or 'Eye Painting'. The artist creates abstract paintings by snorting a watercolor mixture up his nose, and pushing it through a connection near his eye. Several times called crazy ,he asserts: “The crazy roads open after the wise men will travel”.


Shimrit Manor, the girl behind Lollytout: “I don’t know how to draw a straight line”.

Lollytout was founded by Shimrit Manor. As she states out, Shimrit dreamed and searched for shoes just like these: a one of a kind unique pair, high quality and durable. After a lot of searches and different ideas of how shoes must be created, she decided it’s time to stop searching and start creating.

Bold African style prints for women - De-Mes’Tiks by Reuben Reuel 

At the end of an exhausting day I came across De-Mes’Tiks by Reyben Reuel. The designer seems to have a bold point of view in women’s fashion. The prints are daring and have great bright colors.

The artist behind the hand painted portrait T-shirts – Elena Di Natale

Many people appreciate hand painted items, especially T-shirts, but few really understand the process. It starts with an idea and the painter makes it alive drawn by his inspiration and talent. Easy said but hard to get. The process may take from half an hour to even days, depending on the drawing. However, some painters stop at some certain drawings, based on their own feelings. Elena Di Natale prefers to paint portraits on T-shirt. 

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