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How to make your own lotion - by Crafty Crave Store

Making lotion is a great way to save money and avoid chemicals that are bad for your skin. It is not very time-consuming and can be a fun way to release your creativity - by Crafty Crave Store
To start making lotion, you need a few basic ingredients.

How to decorate your house for easter

Decorate your house with your own creative ideas.
All you need is a colored paper, scissors, a pen, time and patience. The result will be great.


How to make bath salts

Bath salts are easy and affordable to make. They take few ingredients and are perfect for relieving sore muscles and softening skin.
The ingredients you will need for bath salts are Epsom salts, baking soda, salt, and fragrances or essential oils - by Crafty Crave Store



How to....have fun by Personalizing your T-shirt

How to personalize your pets







 How to hold onto joy of your art when it becomes your business

Integrating the divergent skills needed to turn your art into a business is the ultimate exercise in left brain/right brain collaboration. The left brain being the center for logical, practical thinking and words; the right brain dealing in things like feelings, intuition, and aesthetics.


 How to print your own invitations

How to make chain back earrings

Whenever someone says spending a night in, drinking wine and doing a little crafting is lame, just point them in direction of Domesek.

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