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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pinza't - graffiti on bags and bikes

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Pinza't brings a fresh, sort-of-rock-punk spanish design for bags. Plus, Pinza't only works with recycled good quality materials. Each item is handmade, handsewn and handpainted. Sam, a member of Pinza't told me how it all begun:

The beginnings of Pinza't are back in the new born XXI century, 14 years ago.  Samuel Nualart and Dolça Teruel, both sculptors, started the Pinza't adventure in a workshop in Barceloneta with a totally new business idea: combine recycled materials (the boom of the recycling bags will start a year later) with original art paintings. 

The Pinza't concept is inspired by the graffiti scene in NYC back in the '70 when the trains and subways where the common support for the street artist to develop their creations. So you have original art passing through the city, as our bags: unique art pieces wondering around different landscapes. Very important too is the relation we live with bikes: the bags are adapted to the bikes and we have specific products for the bikes (pedal straps, u-lock carries, bike seats, …) Biking is how we move!

We work as a collective, Sam and Dolça paint and saw all the products and other artists collaborate in the project by painting. At the beginning we were 4 artists, and now, the family has grown up to a  35 allover the world artist, mostly based in Barcelona. Five years ago we move from Barceloneta to Born, a neighborhood base of artisans since the Roman times. 

As we are 35, we have 35 different styles and influences, most of the artist are graffiti artists and some others illustrators. So, you will find icons of the street art scene in Barcelona and abroad like Ibie, Uyu, Alberto de Blobs, Lolo y Sosaku, Ovni, Morcky, Otica... and very tallented painters Minerva Capdevila, Javier Siquier, Emilio Cerezo... From the abstract to the figurative, there is a vast and rich exhibition. Our shop/workshop is a lively art gallery with new bags and creations every day.

We believe in recycling but in a way that the recycled material doesn't fell apart in months. So we choose always strong and tough materials such as truck canvas (3 layered pvc), seatbelts -if they can protect your live, they can carry your stuff- and also the buckles, just for fun. One of our achievements: our waterproof ink. It is the result of two years of research and it is really stable, also washable and doesn't fade away. We want our art to stay!
For our technic line, backpacks, hippouchs and messengers, we use cordura, ballistic and waterproof zippers to give the products a really long life.
Top item seller: bike straps, backpacks and laptop size bags

Not anyone can become a Pinza't artist, we are very accurate in choosing the artist we work with, and we like to keep an heterogeneous style. Normally, one artist introduces another.

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