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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yulia Brodskaya - the artist that tames paper

Funny thing this imagination. It has no boundaries, it’s infinity and its form can be seen through creativity.

This is what I had in mind while seeing Yulia Brodskaya’s creations, an artist and illustrator born in Moscow. She creates stunning works of art using the quilled paper technique, which she discovered six years ago.

„I was planning to create a small brochure with my hand-drawn illustrations to be sent out to potential clients and I was looking for an eye-catching image with my name ‘Yulia’ for the cover. I created a number of hand-drawn variants, but I didn’t like any of them and then I remembered an image from some school book showing a paper strips standing on edge, so tried to make the letters using this technique and apparently the attempt was successful. I found the way that has turned out to be ‘the one’ for me, now I draw with paper instead of on it. I use edge-glued strips of paper as if I draw with a pen. I like to incorporate typography and create very intricate elaborate designs with paper”.

Yulia told us she likes natural motifs such as flowers, plants, animals etc. However, for her personal project she finds inspirations in photos with old people.

„The reason why I focus on aged figures is related to the theme of death. I'm fascinated by it, it worries me, I have really strong mixed feelings that make me look through photographs of old people in a search for inspiration for my personal work. Another reason is material/technique related: the edge-glued paper strips are a great way of depicting the wrinkles, so it is a bonus” – Yulia says.

„Taming” paper isn't easy at all. Yulia explained us that a simple piece can take couple of days, a large detailed one takes weeks.

„The process is really simple: I take a strip of paper, shape it, dip it into glue and then place it onto the surface and wait till the glue begins to stick, then take another strip of paper and so on and on...”

View more of Yulia Brodskaya’s creations on her site: ArtYulia

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