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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Flowting House of London

It seems as though the 184-year-old market building has been torn off and is levitating with a large gap between the broken 'stone' walls, pillars and doors.

The installation, named Take my Lightning but Don't steal my Thunder, was created by the artist Alex Chinneck, who is well known for creating optical illusions.

The stunning artwork replicates Covent Garden's historic Market Building perfectly but makes it appear if it has broken free of its foundations.

Artist Alex Chinneck created illusion using heavy counterweight strong enough to support the top section. The building is made by a lot of polystyrene and 16 tonnes of steel. It is understood to have taken 500 hours to paint using special digital techniques and was designed to resemble the existing architecture in the area. 

“I wanted to play on the theatricality of this area, and make something physically extraordinary,” he says.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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