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Monday, March 17, 2014

A Meticulously Chaotic Approach to Art - Jamie D'Errico

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Art helps us to better understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us.  It is a language we can use to contemplate and communicate when words fall short. Emerging Maine artist, Jaime Marie D'Errico, explores a reality of dreams and emotions with raw, vibratory compositions.  While the colors in her art are often wildly exultant, the lines and forms weaving them together are precise and controlled.  A captivating juxtaposition of order and chaos. 

Jaime has been told that she must be very patient to produce such meticulously woven images, but she maintains that patience has nothing to do with it. "I'm compelled to do this.  It's almost an obsession.  Sometimes I swear I can even see the lines before I put them down...It's so interesting and fun for me.”
Where did you get the idea for your business and when did you get started?

I opened an online store on January 17th 2014 and am pleased to say that I've already sold two pieces of original artwork.  I've been making and selling art since I was in junior high, but it was always the result of someone approaching me first.  It never really occurred to me that I could actively try to make a living doing this until last year.  I was moving, to be closer to my family, and while packing and preparing, I saw how many pieces of art I had been quietly amassing over the years.  I made a decision that I would make art an even bigger part of my life by getting organized by marketing and selling what I have created.  Selling online is an important part of this plan, as it allows me to reach such a wide audience from my location in rural Maine.  

 How did you come up with your brand name?

Probably my favorite artist is Henri Matisse, one of the great Fauve artists.  I absolutely love the unadulterated, unblended use of pure color.  Delicious to the eyes.  I like to describe my art as being created in the “bold spirit of Fauvism.”  But I also feel that my technique is very different from the more painterly style of the Fauves.  Sometimes people even think that my art is computer generated (it isn't)!  “Painterly,” it is not.  Considering all that, I settled on NeoFauv, a nod to my favorite artists, but with a new twist, I guess.

What goes into the creation of one piece of NeoFauv art?

The first step is always the inspiration.  Sometimes this will come to me in a dream. Sometimes I'll just see a vision of the finished piece in my head briefly, and then it's gone.  I grab some paper and make a sketch, and then I sketch a little more until I have the right feel that I'm looking for.  Next, I select all of the colors, separate them from the pile and build my “toolbox” for the piece.  Then the real fun begins!  I start laying down lovely pigments, weaving one into the other, and trying my best to keep track of all the patterns without messing them up!  I've actually opened up my process just recently on my Facebook page, so my friends can watch each piece of art emerge.  It's been really fun.

How do people get in touch with you?

I see a lot of people starting their business online. What do you think makes you stand out from the crowd?

I have never seen anyone making art that looks like mine.  My style is completely unique.  In addition, I feel like the intense emotions that I try to convey jump out and grab the viewer' s attention.  My art is meant to speak to people about the beauty that surrounds us.  That kind of imagery and intent is powerful, I believe.


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