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Monday, March 31, 2014

Passion, dedication and love – Gurrado Home Design

Simple, light and clean worked. This is how I would describe the Gurrado furniture and home décor. The products are carefuly made with attention to detail from high quality materials. The goal of the manufacturers are to make furniture that would defide time. Attention to detail and careful selection of timber and veneers are the essential ingredients for all Gurrado furniture and home décor.

The products are a mix of traditional techniques of craftsmanship with the most advanced manufacturing technology. The company made a commitment to the envinronment and has guided them to employ only natural oils and natural varnishes for finishing. This guarantees a product exclusively Made in Italy with high quality materials.

"Passion, dedication and love transform our wood. Attention to detail makes it unique” – Gurrado Home Design
The story behind the Gurrado furniture started in 1990. The project was made by the inventiveness of two designers:  Imma and Annarita Gurrado.
 “Getting the passion for woodworking from my father has been a great  value. Love, passion and handicraft, though important elements, they are not sufficient for the market. For this reason it has been necessary  to combine all these values whith innovative manufacturing techniques. This mixture has allowed us to grow up and face the toughest challenges” – Vito Gurrado, product manager and inventor of the prototypes.

The leadindg Gurrado products are the planters with integrated lamp - "Fiji " and " Luxor" series. However, you can choose from a variety of products, from chairs and tables to lamps. You can also make custom orders.

Gurrado Home Design has also plans for the future. The handicrafters  are developing new
materials such as wood with tissues from the fashion industry.

Gurrado Home Design items are sold on local markets in Italy, but also online:

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